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Order Status

We pride ourselves on our fast shipping times! All expedited shipping orders placed before 1pm EST ship same-day.

All standard shipping orders will ship out the next business day.

During major sale events, such as Black Friday / Cyber Monday, Halloween, Easter and other Seasonal Sales, shipping times may take slightly longer, but no more than 2 business days to ship out.

Upon shipment, a tracking number will be automatically sent to you at the email address or phone number associated with your order. 

If you cannot locate your tracking number, please email us and we will promptly assist.

So long as your order has not shipped out yet, we are able to edit / modify shipping addresses. If you need to modify your shipping address, please contact us immediately at support@marmaladenails.comand include your order number in your correspondence.

If your package was lost in transit, stolen, or returned to us, please contact us at with your order information and we will further assist.

Shipping Info

We offer the following shipping options for U.S. orders:

1. Standard Shipping (USPS First Class) - This option takes 4-6 business days from order to delivery.

2. USPS Priority Mail - This option takes 2-4 business days from order to delivery.

3. Fedex 2 Day - You order delivered in 2 business days. Order before 1pm EST to ensure same-day shipping!

4. Fedex Standard Overnight - Your order delivered in 1 business day. Order before 1pm to ensure same-day shipping!

Yes we do! We ship worldwide through Fedex International Economy. For our friends in Canada, shipping is $15.75 (free on orders $75+).

Everywhere else outside the US is $18-$22, depending on location and free shipping on orders $100+.

While it's hard to give exact time frames for international shipping, we find that the vast majority of international orders arrive somewhere in the neighborhood of business days 5-10 business days. All international order include door-to-door tracking via Fedex.

All orders are shipped from Austin, Texas!


All returns and exchanges are always free to you! We provide a pre-paid return label to you to ship back your nails. 

If you want to return or exchange your nails, please email us at and include your order number in your correspondence. 

We are happy to process an exchange free of charge so long as the nails you wish to exchange are new and unused. 

To begin an exchange, please contact us at and include your order number in your correspondence. 

We’re confident that you’ll absolutely fall in love with your Marmalade nails and never want to go back to boring salon manicures. At the same time, we realize that press-on nails aren't for every one. For that reason every set of Marmalade nails are backed by our 30 day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. 

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your nails, simply contact us here with your order number included and we will assist with your refund, return or replacement sets.


Whether you're a first time Marmalader or #getlade on the regular - check out our application, customization and removal videos below and learn how to make the most of your manicure.

How To Apply Your Manicure
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How To Remove Your Manicure
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How To Shape Your Manicure
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Application Instructions

Marmalade nails are super easy to apply and beginner friendly! Refer to these commonly asked application questions below. If you're a first-time Marmalader, we highly recommend following our step-by-step application tutorial here.

We highly recommend following our application video tutorial for first timers!

To Apply: 

Gently buff your natural nails, then clean your nails using nail polish remover. 

Apply a thin layer of glue to back of the Marmalade nails and natural Nail.
 Starting at cuticle press on firmly and hold for about ten seconds until dry. 

File Marmalade nail to change shape or length of nail. 

Average application time is only ~5 minutes!

Marmalade nails are applied with costume HQ- free certified glue which bonds like an acrylic or gel manicure but without the damage on your natural nails.

No maintenance is needed in between wears. Marmalade nails are the most convenient, money and time saving manicure option out there!  If one pops off, you just reapply it within seconds without having to run back to the salon, pay more or wear an incomplete manicure.

You can wear your Marmalade nails for as little as 1 day or up to 2 weeks straight!

See below for best practices based on your desired wear time:

1-4 Day Wear:

Use a thin strip of glue from cuticle to tip and hold firmly for about 10 seconds.

5-10 Day Wear:

Use a dot of glue spread over your natural nail and hold firmly for about 10 seconds. Leave a small border around your nail creating space between your skin and the glue.

11-14 Day Wear:

Apply a thin layer of glue to back of Marmalade nail and natural nail and hold firmly for about 10-20 seconds. Tip: Avoid washing your hands right after the application.

When it comes to the glue less is more even for the longest wear which helps prevent over-gluing. Glue can bond within seconds! Make sure to avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin and do not use on weak, irritated or infected nails. 

Your press-on manicure kit comes with 24 nails and 12 sizes to help ensure the perfect fit for each fingernail.

To ensure you've picked the right Marmalade nail, press them down all the way over your natural nail before you apply the glue. If the nail doesn't quite cover your nail bed, you can easily file down the sides or length to get the appropriate fit.

If a nail(s) pop or fall off during active wear, you can re-apply it following the same application instructions above. 

A few things to be mindful of to ensure a strong glue bond and proper application:

1. Prior to applying your nails, wipe your natural nails clean and dry with acetone. This will create the ideal surface for the glue to bond with and remove any excess oil on your nails. 

2. Press and hold firmly for a good 10-15 seconds per nail. 

3. Avoid water contact/exposure for about 20-30 minutes after application while the glue cures.
Following the above steps will almost always result in a solid 10+ days of wear time. 

If you lose a nail as a result, you can reapply a new nail from your kit. If you do not have another nail that fits, please contact us and we can assist with a replacement nail. 

Yes! We encourage you to shape your mani to one of your choosing.

For significant changes, use a nail clipper as you would on your natural nails.

For smaller modifications and touch ups, the included nail file will do just fine.

Feel free to refer to our shaping video here for a detailed tutorial.

Removal Instructions

Ready to remove your Marmalade mani? The removal process is stress and pain-free thanks to our patented nail removal tool! We encourage you to watch our nail removal tutorial here.

Each set of Marmalade nails includes our patented nail removal tool!

We created this nifty gadget to make the removal process super easy and stress-free. 

To remove your Marmalade nails, soak your nails into warm water for several minutes to soften the glue bond. 

Next, take your Marmalade nails removal tool, and carefully slide it in between your natural nail and Marmalade nail. 

With gentle inward pressure, slowly rotate the removal tool from side to side, and your Marmalade nail will separate from your natural nail. 

Never force or pull nails off as this may damage your natural nails. Use included buffer to buff off excess glue if needed.

Please note that if you are applying your Marmalade nails for the longest wear, do not attempt to remove them until at least 7 days have passed. The long wear glue application will bond strong and removal can be damaging to your natural nail prior to 7 days of wear.

If applied for the longest wear time, we strongly advise against attempting to remove your Marmalade nails before 7 days of wear. 

If you must remove your nails early, follow the removal instructions above plus add acetone to your warm soapy water. 

It is crucial that you do not force or pull off your Marmalade nails, as this can cause damage to your natural nails. 

Use your included Marmalade nail removal tool to break the glue bond between your natural nail and Marmalade nail after soaking. 

If you find that the nail does not easily separate with gentle inward pressure, please repeat the removal process and re-soak your natural nails in warm soapy water with acetone added. 

If you find that there is excess glue on your natural nails after removal, dab a q-tip with acetone and apply to the affected nails. Allow a few minutes for the acetone to soften the glue. 

Next, use the included nail buff to gently buff the glue. You can also use your removal tool to remove the glue. 

If you find that the glue does not immediately come off, do not attempt to force it off. Typically, washing your hands will soften any excess glue over time and make it easy to remove. 

Product Info & More

Product Info

Every standard Marmalade Manicure includes 24 Nails in 12 Sizes.

Our Salon Edition Manicures include 30 Nails in 15 Sizes.

All Manicure Kits include the following:

•Nail File

•HQ- Free Certified Nail Glue

•Manicure Stick

•Application Guide

•Marmalade Nail Removal Tool

Our high performance nail glue includes the following ingredients:

• Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
• Polymethyl Methacrylate
• BHA CI 15850

Yes! Marmalade nails can be applied multiple times. Typically, the total wear time will be around 21-25 days give or take.

If you apply for the longest wear time (11-14 days) you can get 2 applications, maybe 3.

If you apply them for shorter wear times, you can get a bit more applications.

One thing to keep in mind is that after removal, you'll want to gently buff the underside of the nails to smooth out any excess glue, which will help make a better surface for re-application.

100% yes! We never have or will test our products on animals.

We’re confident that you’ll absolutely fall in love with your Marmalade nails and never want to go back to boring salon manicures.

At the same time, we realize that press-on nails aren't for every one.

For that reason every set of Marmalade nails are backed by our 30 day, no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. 

If you're still on the fence, here's our recommendation:

Go ahead a purchase a set now and give them a try. If you like your Marmalade nails, great! We exchanged a small amount of money for a large amount of value. Awesome!

If they're not for you, don’t even give us a reason why you want your money back.

Just ask for it – and it will be returned promptly and quietly to you. Plus, we can still be friends :)

By the way, you can reach us for support here should you need any assistance at all with your purchase today.

You Risk Nothing & Gain Everything!

It is quite rare for our nails to break, crack, chip or peel. In the event you experience any of the above, please contact us here with your order number and we will provide a full replacement set or refund, whichever you prefer. 

Miscellaneous FAQ

At this time Marmalade Nails are exclusively available via our website (you're here!). If you would like to see Marmalade Nails in your favorite retailer, let us (and them!) know!

If you are a business or retailer and are interested in carrying Marmalade nails in your store, please email us at with a brief description of your business and proposal. We are happy to consider any and all opportunities.

We are always open to content collaborations!

If you are interested in working with us, please email us with a brief intro about yourself and links to your social media profiles / website. 

We are animal lovers and supporters of animal rights. Our hearts breaks every time we see a story of animal cruelty and neglect, and for this reason we've chosen to use Marmalade as a vehicle to better the lives of animals and fight animal cruelty.

Marmalade's Claws for a Cause campaign will donate a portion of every sale we receive to Petsmart Charities. You can read more about their work and efforts here.

Need Further Assistance?

Please always feel free to reach out should you have any questions, comments, concerns - or just want to say hi - we'd love to hear from you!

Drop us a line here!